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Discover a spectrum of transformative treatments tailored for your beauty and well-being at KJ Aesthetics Clinic



Experience the transformative touch of our facial treatments, indulge in the revitalizing effects of peels, embrace the flawless finish of Meso therapy, awaken your complexion with PMU, revel in the luminosity of BB Glow, redefine your look with SMP, immerse yourself in the nourishing luxury of masks, and achieve the coveted Korean Glass skin with our specialized techniques like MDA.

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Turn back the hands of time with our array of anti-aging procedures. Smooth away wrinkles and fine lines with Botox, elevate your features with a Thread lift, restore volume and youthfulness with Fillers.



Bid farewell to acne woes with our comprehensive approach. Combat breakouts with targeted medicines, rejuvenate your skin with effective peels, banish stubborn acne with advanced laser treatments, and uncover a clearer complexion with our specialized black peel.


Say goodbye to scars and hello to smooth skin. Whether it's minimizing acne scars or addressing surgical scars, we offer a range of solutions including Micro Needling (MN), CO2 Resurfacing, surgical interventions, Thread techniques, and Subcision to restore skin confidence.



Reclaim an even-toned complexion with our pigment perfection treatments. Combat hyperpigmentation with personalized medicine, unveil brighter skin with targeted peels, erase pigmented lesions with cutting-edge laser therapies, and rejuvenate your complexion with Meso therapy tailored to your skin's needs.

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